Vinicius Medeiros

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Full-Stack Developer

He loves coding and designing especially when it's a new challenge. 12+ years pushing for a better and faster Web.



I love technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship. I'm currently working as a software engineer, but I'm always seeking to learn new things.

Highly interested in PHP, Python, JavaScript, Web Performance, HTML, CSS, Open Source, Software Engineering, Web standards, Community Management, Software deployment.

Interested and experienced in machine learning, artificial intelligence, web development and software architecture. Guided by excellence, I continually seek the evolution of my skills to share best practices and solutions for all kinds of problems. I like collaborative environments with a culture of knowledge sharing.

I love coding and designing especially when it represents a new challenge.

My focus is always delivering high quality, high performance, testable and easily maintainable systems, according to the customers' needs. I'm an enthusiast of Test Driven Development (TDD), Agile Methodologies and Design Patterns.

Self-taught in practice, being curious and passionate about math and codes, working with web development for more than a decade.

Vinicius Medeiros